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Thursday, September 26, 2019 

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group is working with steel maker POSCO to localise materials for fuel tanks for LNG carriers.

HHI recently applied POSCO's 9% nickel steel to its fuel tank for a 180,000dwt bulk carrier's LNG propulsion tanks (HiCIX), which will enable localisation and supply stabilisation of core materials for cryogenic tanks.

Until now, HHI has received 9% nickel steel from overseas steelmakers, but plans to gradually increase domestic supply. 9% nickel steel is a material that can maintain high strength and impact toughness even in cryogenic environments (-163°C).

HHI has already applied fuel tanks using POSCO's High Manganese Steel to the LNG double fuel tanks for the vessel under construction at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.

HHI said that localising the entire process from designing, supplying and manufacturing of LNG tanks is a significant step. “We will continue to cooperate with domestic companies to be competitive in the eco-friendly ship market.”

POSCO said: “Steel steel companies are striving to develop eco-friendly marine products in line with tightening environmental regulations. Starting with this cooperation, we will closely support our customers to strengthen solution marketing activities and localize eco-friendly marine components.”

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group has secured $2.4 billion in orders for LNG fuelled vessels, and led the market in this year with the successful delivery of the world's first 114,000t LNG tanker.
The 180,000dwt LNG fuelled bulk carrier equipped with the new LNG fuel tank will be delivered to H-Line Shipping in November 2020.

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