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Friday, January 29, 2021 

Athens-based DeepSea Technologies, an AI-led maritime technology company, has launched Cassandra Light, claimed to be the world’s first cost-effective, hardware-free AI-driven platform able to deliver accurate vessel performance insights using only noon data.

For less than the cost of a ton of fuel, Cassandra Light enables charterers and shipowners to gain visibility and transparency on vessel performance across their whole fleet.

Cassandra Light monitors and visualises CO2 emissions and notifies users of fuel over-consumption, representing a key tool in charterers’ and shipowners’ efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their fleets in line with the wider goal of decarbonisation, and helping drive a significant reduction in fuel spend. The platform provides AI-based performance insights to present an at-a-glance overview of key vessel metrics in one place. This includes alerts that detect performance anomalies and critical events that might need further investigation. Cassandra Light provides instant full fleet monitoring and assessment, allowing charterers and shipowners to benchmark their assets against the global fleet. It uses AI to validate reported consumption figures, bringing a new level of accuracy to noon report data. Cassandra Light, is aimed at those who want to trial an AI-driven platform without making a substantial CAPEX investment.

Roberto Coustas, Co-Founder and CEO DeepSea Technologies, said: “Cassandra Light is an industry-first platform that makes, for the first time, - cutting edge technology accessible to everyone, becoming the perfect ally for charterers and ship owners at all stages of digitalisation, supporting their journey to performance transparency, maximised profitability and decarbonisation. By accurately capturing the wide range of variables that impact vessel performance, Cassandra Light offers the opportunity to see these elements in a new light that enables critical business decisions to be made with greater confidence. The implications of a product such as Cassandra Light stretch far beyond individual vessels and fleets, with the potential to redesign fundamental relationships, unlock competitive and societal benefits, radically transform the industry and be game-changing from an investment and a chartering perspective.”

While there are other products on the market such as ERP systems which organise noon report data, Cassandra Light has the ability to integrate with current noon reporting data systems to extract performance and monitoring information, which in turn supports business decisions that lead to fuel and emissions savings.

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