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Friday, March 5, 2021 

Haldor Topsoe has announced plans to build a large-scale SOEC electrolyser manufacturing facility to meet growing demands for green hydrogen fuel, based on renewable energy.

The company says that construction will commence in 2022 in order for the facility to be operational by 2023.

CEO Roeland Baan said: “This new manufacturing facility is a concrete step to take a leading role in the ongoing energy transition towards a low carbon future. We strongly believe that one of the most viable routes to this goal lies in the efficient utilisation of renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen, fuels, and chemicals. With Topsoe’s SOEC electrolyser, more than 90% of the renewable electricity that enters the electrolyser is preserved in the green hydrogen it produces. This is significantly more efficient than the other available technologies in the market. Topsoe already has a number of technologies and several others under development that will ensure that the company will play a leading role in the energy transition, reducing carbon emissions world-wide. The decision to build this large-scale production of our SOEC technology shows that we are willing and able to translate our ambition into reality.”

Topsoe is currently involved in hydrogen technology, catalysts, and services that enable efficient production of hydrogen. Offerings include technologies for traditional natural-gas-based hydrogen production with the option of carbon capture, also known as blue hydrogen, as well as green hydrogen with the SOEC electrolyser technology. The company is engaged in several projects to produce green hydrogen, green ammonia, green methanol, and green fuels.

“Our unique end-to-end offering within green hydrogen production by electrolysis and the associated downstream production of ammonia, methanol, and e-fuels offers customers high-value products, safe transportation, and energy-efficient storage, and we are already talking with potential customers who are interested in being first movers in this space,” said Amy Hebert, CCO Haldor Topsoe.

The facility will have an electrolyser production capacity of 500 MW per year, expandable to 5GW. The industrial-scale electrolysers are based on Topsoe’s proprietary high-temperature electrolysis SOEC technology offering 30% larger hydrogen output compared to standard technology such as PEM and alkaline electrolysis.

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