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Monday, May 4, 2020 

Hyde Marine, the ballast water treatment business of Calgon Carbon Corporation, has announced that its Hyde Guardian-US (Universal Service) has been awarded Type Approval by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) under 46CFR162.060.

This certification completes the full suite of Type Approvals able to be achieved by a ballast water treatment system (BWTS) and ensures that customers can purchase, install, and use a Guardian-US treatment system wherever they are discharging their ballast water, anywhere in the world.

Hyde Marine has more than 500 examples of its BWTS sold to date. “The Hyde Guardian-US is the next evolutionary step not only in the product but also in the entire ballast water treatment industry,” said Chris Todd, Executive Director of Hyde Marine. While the Guardian BWTS has always used space-efficient filtration and ultraviolet disinfection to treat ships’ ballast water to prevent the spread of invasive species from port to port, this new product focuses on compliance and performance. 

“The Hyde Guardian-US contains four market-disrupting innovations,” said Mark Riggio, Senior Market Manager, Hyde Marine’s ballast water business. “The first, and most obvious, is the intuitive user interface.” This interface simplifies operation and automates all processes to ensure that crews do not require hours of training to operate the system. By heavily automating the process, the system can be easily integrated with a vessel’s automation system. 

“The system also has been approved with a pioneering dose-based performance algorithm,” said Riggio.  This dose-based approach to treatment allows the Guardian-US to continuously regulate flow and deliver the precise amount of dose required to meet the treatment objectives; ensuring that the most water possible is delivered through the system for the given conditions. 

The company claims the two other important innovations. The Guardian control system features a treatment alarm that instantly lets crews know when a system is operating outside of the performance boundaries tested. While this does not necessarily mean the water is non-compliant, it allows the crew to decide whether to implement contingency measures if they are not sure whether their water is properly treated. And if there are any problems with the system, each Guardian-US is fitted with remote access so Hyde Marine can troubleshoot and, in some cases, repair the system before the vessel even enters port.

The Guardian-US BTWS was tested with water containing organism counts far exceeding IMO and USCG requirements and with the most demanding water conditions to challenge the limits of system performance. The Guardian-US delivers all these innovations in a package that features one of the smallest footprints in the market.

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