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Tuesday, August 18, 2020 

Eco Marine Power (EMP), together with partner company Furukawa Battery, have launched a service to help ship owners reduce costs for replacing emergency and backup batteries.

The service, known as the Ship Battery Replacement and Management Service, will reduce waste, reduce the workload for the crew and help improve safety. Furukawa Battery and EMP have, in recent years, cooperated in the development of renewable energy solutions for ships and have jointly undertaken a number of projects to study and implement marine solar power solutions. During these projects class-approved batteries were installed, however it became obvious that there was scope to use battery technologies from Furukawa for other onboard applications.

The FCR series batteries for example are suited for 24 VDC emergency back-up battery banks and due to their long-life characteristics they do not need to be replaced as often as many batteries currently being used for this purpose. Additionally they are over 90% recyclable and therefore offer an environmentally friendly option. The FCR series provides a safe, reliable and easy to install energy storage option with superior performance characteristics when compared to some battery technologies. They offer customers a less complicated alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Other class-approved battery types available include the UltraBattery, FCP and FC series.

As part of the Ship Battery Replacement and Management Service, Furukawa Battery and EMP will review the installed batteries on a fleet basis and provide recommendations to ship owners or ship managers regarding replacements or upgrades. Details regarding how a testing plan can extend the life of the installed batteries will also be included. In addition advice regarding safety or storage issues will be highlighted.

Yasuhiro Kodaka, GM Overseas Sales and Marketing, Furukawa Battery said: “Furukawa Battery has a range of class-approved batteries suitable for use on ships and we look forward to working with Eco Marine Power to help ship managers and ship owners reduce costs and improve how they manage on-board batteries and their replacements.”

Greg Atkinson, CTO Eco Marine Power said: “Not only is it possible to reduce battery replacement costs by improving on-board battery management but it can also improve safety. We have for example seen cases where batteries have exploded due to incorrect or low quality types being installed or batteries failing after just a few months for the same reason. Clearly if emergency back-up batteries fail then this is a serious safety issue and these problems can be prevented via our new service.”

In addition to recommending and supplying replacement batteries, Furukawa Battery and EMP can arrange to supply battery cable sets, battery spacers, battery frame kits and battery test units.

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