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Monday, July 27, 2020 

According to US company Fueltrax, Electronic Fuel Monitoring Systems (EFMS), also known as Vessel Fuel Monitoring Systems (VFMS), require constant, accurate, and reliable data connection to serve their ultimate purpose delivering clear insight into vessel operations.

The company adds that that not all EFMS providers are equipped for the challenges of remote data delivery. It says that its systems have never been denied charter eligibility due to non-performance, and maintain a 100% installation success rate. Over 97% of its support issues are resolved remotely. Fueltrax helps vessel owners increase their fleet utilisation and stay on contract by ensuring they have the tools and transparency to help clients reach goals to increase revenue and maintain operating expenditure control, regardless of an ever-changing economic climate.

Fueltrax has now created an easy process to help upgrade from other manufacturer's products to Fueltrax. Vessel owners can receive a credit to upgrade existing EFMS or VFMS to the Fueltrax standard:

  • Step 1: Send details about your meters to Fueltrax to confirm eligibility
  • Step 2: Procure a new Fueltrax system with new meters, inclusive of meter credit upon order
  • Step 3: Install the new system, and return old meters upon removal, avoiding risk of time without fuel monitoring.

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