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Thursday, July 30, 2020 

Inverness, UK, headquartered Envoy Group has announced the acquisition of Avantis Marine to target growth in carbon reduction and clean energy solutions for offshore markets.

Avantis specialises in environmental performance and clean technologies for the shipping, oil and gas and passenger transport markets. The business is headquartered in the Marshall Islands, and operates from bases in the UK, Monaco, Dubai, Singapore and Miami.   

Iain MacGregor, Envoy CEO, said: “The world is turning its attention to carbon reduction and environmental awareness.  Much of the Envoy portfolio seeks to address these themes, not just in new clean energy markets, but also in supporting traditional markets to improve their impact. In the utilities sector for example, Envoy’s group company RSE are finding new ways to build water treatment infrastructure with near carbon free impact on the planet. The Avantis acquisition gives Envoy the technical capabilities to support this effort in traditional offshore and marine markets.”

From exhaust gas cleaning systems for cargo ships (pictured), to ballast water treatment systems for cruise liners or improving the efficiency of an FPSO boiler system – Avantis has aexperience in multiple worldwide locations, with 200 employees based in strategic locations. 

Avantis’ UK-based MD Tom David said: “While the management are predominantly based in the UK, demand for our solutions often come from foreign markets. Our teams are currently completing major turnkey upgrades to Hawaii registered cargo ships afloat across the west coast of America and Canada. We also have projects throughout the Mediterranean on cruise ships, as well as work kicking off on FPSOs in Asia. Our experience on high pressure systems also takes the business into other onshore markets.”

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