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Wednesday, November 3, 2021 

Emissions control company Eminox and turbocharger maker Kompressorenbau Bannewitz (KBB) are to collaborate on helping marine engine manufacturers and vessel operators meet increasing emissions compliance requirements with an integrated emissions control solution, from turbo to tailpipe.

Aimed at medium speed engines over 1MW power, the solution brings together KBB’s experince in marine turbocharging and air handling with Eminox’s EMx exhaust aftertreatment system (EATS) technology.

The companies believe that customers will benefit from a complete, integrated solution, refined to specific needs for both existing (retrofit) and new engines. This includes design, manufacture, installation, certification and support with service, maintenance and aftersales.

This integrated project management and full in-house solution removes the need for engine manufacturers to assemble components from multiple suppliers or undertake their own costly testing and type/class approval certification. The KBB Eminox solution is optimised for specific engines which increases performance efficiency and the effectiveness of emissions reduction.

As part of the maritime industry’s commitment to achieving a zero carbon future, diesel engines are subject to IMO Tier I and Tier II regulations. Additionally, every vessel entering specific emission control areas (ECAs), including the Baltic Sea, North Sea and North American ECAs must meet much stricter IMO Tier III targets, with tighter NOx emissions requirements. For vessels to be compliant when operating on European Inland Waterways Stage V regulations apply.

Future legislation, including an update to the marine Stage V regulations and IMO IV are expected to significantly lower NOx emissions targets and introduce controls on particulates from the early 2030s.

David Phillips, Engineering Director, Eminox, said: “Diesel engines are the backbone of the marine industry, making it vital to optimise their performance to lower emissions as we move to a zero carbon future. Working with KBB, we’re committed to helping achieve this. We’ve developed a complete, integrated solution for the maritime industry that builds on the proven strengths of diesel while reducing harmful emissions, preserving investment in existing engines. Given the need to plan for the long-term, now is the time for marine operators and engine manufacturers to accelerate their emissions reduction journey by working with partners that can provide an in-house solution for all their needs.”

The Eminox/KBB solution is designed to offer over 20 years of service, lowering operational costs, and positively supporting the resale value of engines and vessels. It is future-proofed and upgradeable as and when legislation changes. Replacement parts will be available through KBB’s global service network.

Dr Roman Drozdowski, MD KBB, said: “Operators and engine manufacturers understand the need to meet more stringent marine emissions requirements, but achieving compliance has previously been complex and costly. Our combined solution brings together two trusted, experienced suppliers to the industry and is built to fully address all emissions requirements, now and in the future. Together, we look forward to helping customers around the world meet maritime standards while reducing the total cost of ownership of their diesel engines.”

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