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Tuesday, May 11, 2021 

Fischer Panda UK has launched a new robust and dependable electrically-driven pod propulsion solution for smaller commercial applications, designed for daily operation in a working environment, with minimal servicing requirements and installation flexibility.

The quiet, emission-free pod motor is available in two versions depending on the voltage, increasing the potential for different battery set ups and offering the choice of a 24V solution in pod format.

Located under the boat’s hull, both the 1.7kW pod with 2300 rpm (24V) and 3.8kW pod with 3000 rpm (48V) are said to provide reliable low-speed operation and high manoeuvrability with maximum torque throughout the speed range.

Chris Fower, Sales and Marketing Director, Fischer Panda UK, said: “We are very excited to add the new rugged Fischer Panda electric pod motor to our range as it opens up more possibilities for smaller boat builders, USV and small commercial vessel operators, as well as owners of small coastal fishing boats, to adopt electric propulsion. With 48V solutions the norm, the addition of the 24V version is a great opportunity for more operators to benefit from the flexible installation, easy operation, emissions and cost savings, and minimum maintenance offered by the electric pod motor. Many commercial operators will also appreciate the environmental advantages, low noise and vibration.”

The Fischer Panda Electric Pod Motor includes stepless power control, enabling speed to be easily regulated and it switching between forward and reverse without shifting gears.

Equipped with a three-blade Yamaha DELTA propeller, the Fischer Panda electric pod motor is water-cooled, brushless and sensorless. All electronic components are housed within the Fischer Panda Easybox controller unit which is installed inside the boat with the battery bank. Encased within a compact and watertight stainless-steel housing, the pod can be rotatably mounted, while the three-stage sealing provides maximum safety and minimum maintenance. Fischer Panda can supply appropriate brackets for the pod to be used as an outboard motor.

Fischer Panda UK also supplies drive systems in the higher power range, offering solutions from 2kW to 100kW, available with voltages ranging from 24V to 360V depending on the power requirements, and suitable for newbuild or retrofit applications.

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