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Wednesday, March 25, 2020 

Swedish company Marinfloc has introduced a combined Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Bleed Off water treatment system and Bilge water separator.

The innovative solution is approved by both DNV GL and MAN Energy Solutions and fulfils the requirements of MEPC 107(49) and MEPC 307(73). The approval means that only one separator is required instead of two, thus reducing the amount of equipment needed on a vessel, and providing shipyards, engine makers and ship owners with a significant cost saving. 

EGR is used to reduce NOx as per IMO Tier III requirements. The EGR process generates a portion of bleed off water that must be treated to < 15 PPM, which is also the requirement for bilge water. By combining the two treatment systems, Capital Expenditure will be significantly reduced without any negative impact on performance. Additionally, the company expects a welcome reduction in Operating Expenditure as maintenance, spare parts and training are needed only for one unit.

The system is based on Marinfloc’s flocculation technology. The Whitebox is included as standard to segregate the waste streams, to eliminate cross contamination and record all activities.The Whitebox fulfils EXXON requirements and is Marinfloc’s recommendation on all US -calling vessels.

Martin Gombrii, MD Marinfloc S&P, said: “Both treatment units are mandatory, so why not combine them. It would be foolish to have a separate treatment unit that might not even be in use for the majority of the year. This way neither crew nor owners will lose any sleep going into NECAs as they are already operating the unit on a daily basis.”

The development of this solution started in 2016 at MAN Energy Solutions facilities in Copenhagen and concluded when DNV GL approved the system design in early 2020.

“Sometimes new products are done overnight, sometimes they take five years. Looking at the result I’m glad that we didn’t rush anything. We have developed a truly unique product and are proud to be a MAN Energy Solutions approved supplier” said Benny Carlson, Chairman of Marinfloc.

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