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Tuesday, March 9, 2021 

Dutch companies Bakker Sliedrecht and RH Marine will jointly upgrade Roll Groups ice class vessel 'BigRoll Bering' with a Dynamic Positioning 2 (DP2) system to allow the 173m module carrier to better maintain its position during loading and unloading and increase the deployability of the vessel for more complex transports, where a DP2 system is mandatory.

RH Marine will supply its in-house developed DP2 system, which includes the computers, screens, control panels, joysticks and DP software, plus wind sensors, motion sensors and Differential GPS.

Bakker Sliedrecht will provide switch boxes, cables for communication and power supplies, and install and commission the system. Class requirements are for duplication of every component is duplicated according to classification, so that in the event of a single error in the system the ship can retain its position. The cooperation between the two Pon-group companies - with Bakker Sliedrecht acting as main contractor - offers various benefits.

“The lines of communication are shorter. For a client like the Roll Group it is easier to have one primary contact and to be approached by one party. In this project Bakker Sliedrecht and RH Marine are each contributing with their own expertise and complement each other,” said Bakker Sliedrecht system architect Gerrit Van Pelt.

“Normally we have a lead time of 24 weeks for the installation of a new DP2 system, but by scaling up, our flexibility and working closely with Bakker Sliedrecht, we can complete it in 13 weeks,” said RH Marine sales manager Peter Copiër.

Bakker Sliedrecht participated as a system integrator in the construction of the BigRoll Bering and its three sister vessels at COSCO Dalian Shipyards in China in 2016 and 2017. The system integrator supplied, assembled and commissioned the electrical systems on-board, and participated in the design of the innovative propulsion system. The thrusters are installed in such a way that they can operate independently. The design prevents all systems from failing simultaneously. There is also a torque option, which ensures lower fuel consumption and thereby reduces operating costs.

The BigRoll Bering is specially designed to transport heavy and oversized objects for onshore and offshore projects. Roll Group is active in combined land and sea projects for engineered heavy transport for all markets including the renewable and Oil and Gas market. Due to the high ice classed certification, the vessel can be deployed in the most remote and inaccessible areas on the planet.

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