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Monday, January 4, 2021 

Jan-Kees van der Ven, a consultant at RH Marine in the Netherlands, says he intends to open a discussion about adding a ‘risk based EMC approach’ to maritime EMC standards, to meet challenges such as interference of LED lighting with VHF radio, currently being discussed at IMO.

Van der Ven has recently been appointed as co-convenor of MT 21 (Maintenance Team 21) during the plenary meeting of TC 18, the IEC's technical committee. He believes the risk-based approach will enable yards and system integrators to deal with new challenges. TC 18 prepares standards for electrical installations and equipment of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units, incorporating good practice and aligning as far as possible existing regulations and IEC Publications. MT 21 focusses on standards related to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

This approach would provide a way of safely integrating regular equipment (not specifically intended for the maritime environment) on board ships. This enables the designer to use a wider variety of equipment which can result in a cost reductions and early adoption of new technology.

Van der Ven gained experience in EMC through working for RH Marine specialising in EMC, and has already used this experience participating in a team with among others Lloyd’s Register that investigated the EMC risk based approach and which resulted in the integration of this approach in the Lloyd’s Naval Rules. Currently Nancy Omollo, a PhD student in the PETER project (Pan-European Training, Research and Education Network on Electro Magnetic Risk Management) of the European Union, is undertaking research to scientifically substantiate this approach.

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