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Thursday, June 3, 2021 

Maritime compliance and navigation services company OneOcean's digital logbook, LogCentral, has been officially certified by Lloyd’s Register (LR), the approval paving the way for LogCentral to gain acceptance from the remaining flag states that required this step from a classification society.

LogCentral has already become accepted across many flag states around the world, providing a simple, standardised, and efficient means of record-keeping. Following a series of tests, the LR certification now classifies LogCentral as a product that conforms to all current regulations, including those instituted by IMO and MARPOL. This certification signifies that the solution has been legally recognised as a comprehensive alternative for paper record books.

Shoreside teams can benefit from insight into vessel operations through remote access to records that are up to date and intelligently validated. Management personnel on shore can access vessel data almost as soon as details have been logged and approved. This level of oversight reduces risk of error and provides assurance that logbooks can easily be submitted to authorities. As an electronic logbook solution, it has proven to be extremely useful under the current circumstances, wherein Covid restrictions can cause real difficulties in validating paper logbooks by head offices or authorities.

Shoreside teams will now be able to analyse and leverage data more quickly, with a clear picture of what equipment and system checks need to be carried out, and when. LogCentral’s built-in analytical capabilities enable benchmarking and trend analysis to be carried out both on individual vessels and across fleets. This reduces vessel downtime as maintenance work can be planned well before potential component failures occur. This data can also be used to provide more accurate estimates and assessments to stakeholders, including ship owners, managers, or charterers and as a feed into Vessel Performance analysis.

LogCentral is said to be simple and intuitive to use. All daily operational information, including disposals and emissions, can be precisely recorded. This facilitates and proves compliance with MARPOL and other environmental regulations for pollution prevention and control in any given region. In addition, the solution helps to reduce the likelihood of errors by linking records, providing comprehensive validation mechanisms, and using auto-fill areas to issue visual alerts if inaccurate data is entered. OneOcean claims the only truly global database of environmental regulations.

“We are very proud to have officially obtained the Lloyd’s Register classification,” said Martin Taylor, OneOcean CEO. “This approval is an official affirmation of LogCentral’s importance as an easily-applicable digital solution that will generate ongoing efficiencies for shipping companies worldwide. Shoreside teams can compare and analyse historical vessel data alongside real-time monitoring of ship activity to identify trends and gain insight needed to optimise operations. This will lend a whole new certitude to decision-making. LogCentral is the latest step in helping our customers through their digital journey.”

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