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Thursday, November 26, 2020 

Dubai-based Albwardy Damen has launched a Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) 650; the modularly built dredger is the first CSD650 to be built at this yard, which normally concentrates on ship repair including dry dockings as well as newbuilds of other vessel types and offering local after-sales support.

The CSD650 is a standard suction dredger, built for replenishing stock. Usually, these large dredgers are built at the Damen Dredging Equipment yard in Nijkerk, the Netherlands. This dredger was built in the Middle East to ensure short lead times and low transport costs for the local market. The dredger has been launched completely fitted out, and will now undergo a testing programme. It will be ready for delivery January 2020.

The CSD650 is a 535t construction, with an overall length - including spud carriage - of 61.2m. This results in a swing width of 63m. The suction dredger is equipped with a 700kW cutter head, made for dredging at a max dredging depth of -18m. The dredger is fitted out with an inboard dredge pump located in a separate pump room. The total installed power of the CSD650 is 2,972kW. The high efficiency dredger has a mixture production of some 7,000m3/h.

The construction of the CSD650 at the Albwardy Damen yard is a logical step. The yard has been building Damen CSD500 for the past 12 years. Moreover it is the Damen Service Hub in the region. As a result, the yard has developed knowledge of boosters, DOP dredge pumps and cutter suction dredgers. All dredgers delivered to customers in the Middle East are receiving full after-sales support from the local hub.

Recently, Albwardy Damen finished construction of two other dredgers, both of type CSD500. These dredgers have a max dredging depth of -14m, and a mixture pumping capacity of 4,000m3/h. All dredgers were finished during the COVID-19 pandemic – the yard overcoming the challenge presented with full consideration to the safety and well-being of all personnel and stakeholders.

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