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Monday, December 20, 2021 

Classification Society ClassNK is to make electronic issue of certificates and reports issued for ships its standard service from 30 January 2022.

For the convenience of clients, ClassNK has been providing an environment in which documents can be used in electronic data upon request since the early 2000s for survey records and since 2017 for class certificate and statutory certificates issued on behalf of flag states. Electronic delivery has become widespread due to its benefits in reducing the burden of handling papers, preventing loss, damage, and falsification of papers, and facilitating information sharing among stakeholders such as crew and management companies. Electronic certificates have been introduced in major flag states, including Panama, Liberia, Singapore, Marshall Island, Bahamas, Malta, and accepted by regional PSC.

As the society feels the electronic environment has sufficiently matured, ClassNK will make electronic documents as standard service for class/statutory survey records and ISM (including DOC to a company)/ISPS/MLC audit records issued for ships as well as for certificates of the flag states that authorise electronic certificates from 30 January 2022. The documents are available via links sent to the e-mail address registered on the 'e-Application', the online application system for ships in service, and on 'NK-SHIPS' storing information of ClassNK related ships. Certificates of the flag states that have not authorized electronic certificates yet, and some other certificates, will continue to be provided in paper form.

Accordingly, applications for surveys/audits for existing ships will be accepted through e-Application. Guidance for e-Application use and the scope of electronic documents are available on ClassNK's website.

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