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Monday, March 30, 2020 

ClassNK has released its 'Guidelines for Non-destructive Inspection by Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing', covering advanced non-destructive inspection technology that enables the visualisation of flaw detection results and the digitising of the record-keeping process.

Phased array testing has higher detection performance for defects in materials and welded joints compared to conventional ultrasonic testing. In recent years, the application of phased array ultrasonic testing in various industrial fields has been increasing, and it has also been gradually spreading in the shipbuilding field, taking advantage of the above features.

In light of these circumstances, ClassNK has been carrying out R&D on the practical implementation of phased array ultrasonic testing as part of its R&D roadmap announced in September 2017. Based on the knowledge acquired, the society has summarised the requirements for non-destructive inspection by phased array ultrasonic testing and specific flaw detection procedures for butt welded joints of carbon steels in the shipbuilding field into its guidelines.

Phased array ultrasonic testing has the potential to greatly benefit the industry and these guidelines make the process easy to understand so that it can be more widely implemented and taken advantage of. ClassNK will continue to actively support the smooth dissemination of such advanced inspection technologies and make efforts to contribute to the further development of the industry by investing in new areas and implementing important findings into its rules and guidelines.

The Guidelines for Non-destructive Inspection by Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing are available to download free of charge for registered users of the ClassNK website.

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