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Thursday, September 12, 2019 

Chevron Marine Lubricants has introduced a new range of premium high-performance gear oils designed for use in marine clutched gear systems, where extreme load and shock load protection is required.

In developing Meropa MG gear oils, Chevron has responded to customer and OEM demand for gear box oils designed to ensure optimal performance in Renk and Flender/Siemens, Reintjes and Brunvoll clutched gear boxes, extensively used in marine vessels. As such, Meropa MG gear oils carry approvals from those gearbox manufacturers, and meet or exceed various industrial standards.

The formulation of Meropa MG gear oils is balanced to help provide both extreme pressure protection, while providing defence against yellow metal corrosion. Oils in the range are designed to offer long lubricant life, corrosion protection, good wear protection with high load carrying capacity and robust micro-pitting wear protection. Additionally, the thermal and oxidative stability of Meropa MG gear oils helps to minimise deposit formation, prevents varnish and sludge and keeps the components clean which can extend bearing and gear life.

The oils are suitable for use in clutched gearboxes required to pass the Ortlinghaus clutch test, a seal of approval not granted to common oils that usually do not meet its requirements.

Meropa MG gear oils are formulated to alleviate a common issue, when over-aggressive chemistries in some other oils frequently attack gear box paint coatings and can cause filter plugging. The chemistry of Chevron's new gear oils is designed to be compatible with multiple types of sealant and paint coatings and helps to prevent this issue, minimising the possibility of leaking seals and paint blistering on the inside of the gearbox.

Meropa MG gear oils are available in the ISO VG 100/150/220 viscosity range and will be supplied in all Scandinavian ports. Depending on demand, supply areas could be expanded in the near future.

Georgia Chaloulou, Technical Field Specialist, said: “In developing Meropa MG specifically for clutched gear boxes manufactured by Renk and Flender/Siemens, Chevron Marine Lubricants continues to demonstrate our commitment to working alongside OEMs in providing solutions for our customers.”

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