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Wednesday, June 3, 2020 

ABB Turbocharging has introduced a new digital offering to enhance the insights delivered by its ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT engine performance diagnostics software.

The new ‘continuous evaluation’ function allows the software to use engine data gathered by edge computing services, adding an additional dimension to Tekomar XPERT’s monitoring, reporting and advisory capabilities.

Pascal Reolon, Product Manager, ABB Turbocharging, said: “Continuous evaluation allows for the cloud-to-cloud transfer of engine data from edge computing platforms to Tekomar XPERT. The result will be faster access to more engine data from which to draw even quicker insights to optimise engine performance.”

Combined with Tekomar XPERT’s compatibility with other data systems (such as fleet performance software), the function enables ABB to offer remote continuous performance evaluation, with instant comparison of an engine’s current performance with its digital twin, from which Tekomar XPERT draws optimisation advice. Automating the data-gathering process for performance evaluations will ensure greater accuracy and more frequent reporting, as well as reducing crew workload.

Edge computing allows large volumes of data to be processed before being transferred to the cloud for storage. It suits environments that may not always have a guaranteed internet connection, such as ships. Continuous evaluation can be used to collate data from any platform that sends data to the cloud. Vessels will need to install any data collection and transmission hardware required by the edge computing platform provider as well as subscribing to Tekomar XPERT.

ABB says this function is another step in the development of the Tekomar XPERT product family, with regular six-monthly releases providing subscribers with additional connectivity and diagnostic features. Tekomar XPERT runs on any engine, regardless of type or age, and, through the ABB Ability platform, offers high standards of cyber security.

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