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Tuesday, June 23, 2020 

ABB Turbocharging has introduced a service package intended to offer shipowners financial predictability and peace of mind while reducing complexity and enabling greater insight into equipment health.

Turbo MarineCare offers a turnkey solution to maintenance at a fixed price, providing continuous cover between drydockings. Designed for customers with turbochargers for two-stroke engines, the plan covers standard overhaul parts, wear and tear components, unplanned events (including unexpected repairs), labour, waiting and overtime, and intermediate inspection.

ABB says that ships are traditionally covered by a limited warranty only in the first few years of a new vessel’s life. Turbo MarineCare can be applied from new or at any stage of the vessel or turbocharger’s life subject to access to its service history and operating data. By offering comprehensive cover, the service brings the peace of mind afforded by big fleet service agreements within reach of all shipowners.

Roland Schwarz, head of Service, ABB Turbocharging, said: “In challenging markets, it is even more important for companies to reduce and simplify day-to-day costs. Turbo MarineCare allows owners and operators to flatten the cost of turbocharger care over the span of an overhaul period, making their outgoings fully predictable while safeguarding access to original parts, the latest technologies and authorised service teams.”

Turbo MarineCare allows operators to simplify maintenance regimes, avoiding delays due to unanticipated replacement of parts and repairs during drydocks. Under the new service agreement, ABB takes on these risks rather than the shipowner or operator. ABB identifies which parts and service will be required at overhauls and takes responsibility for shipping of parts ahead of drydocking and carrying out the service.

Monitoring of operational turbocharger data is a precondition of Turbo MarineCare. This allows ABB to provide a complete health assessment of rotating components as well as enabling early detection of abnormal data trends that can help to avoid potential turbocharger faults.

“From the moment customers sign up to Turbo MarineCare, the financial risk and worry of the extra cost associated with turbocharger service are removed from themselves and transferred to ABB,” said Schwarz. “This will create peace of mind, eliminate unexpected expenditures and reduce bureaucracy in their daily job.”

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