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Clean Shipping International (CSI), the supporting journal of the Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA) 2020, is published four times a year in both print and digital formats. It is the maritime industry's only periodical solely focussed on sustainable shipping.

With the shipping industry under increasing scrutiny from Administrations, environmental campaigners, and the general public to reduce the impact operations have on the marine environment, Clean Shipping International provides invaluable insight into the regulatory, technical, operational, and commercial issues driving the ‘green’ marine agenda. 

With informed articles and opinion pieces from industry leaders, shipowners and environmental experts, each edition of CSI provides in-depth analysis of the  environmental problems and solutions relating to ship-to-air and ship-to-sea emissions, enabling the ship operating community to make more informed decisions.

Within each issue, we tackle a range of subjects affecting sustainable shipping.

CSI  considers the commercial, operational and technical implications in meeting environmental regulations; considers emergent environmental issues relating to ship operation, evaluates the different solutions available, and addresses how climate change will have a wider impact on global trade.

Each edition of CSI is circulated to CSA 2020 shipowner members and 3000 ships, in addition to almost 10,000 shipmanagers, maritime regulators, NGO’s, port and terminal operators, classification societies, and equipment manufacturers of sustainable solutions.

Owned and published by Maritime AMC, and supported by CSA 2020, CSI is the industry's only periodical solely focussed on sustainable shipping.


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