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   View Recording - CSI Alternative Fuels - Methanol - Webinar

THURSDAY 22 JULY 2021 - 13:00 - 14:30 BST


If you missed the live webinar, don't worry you can view the recording and download the presentations below


Alternative Fuels - Methanol examined the pros and cons of methanol as a marine fuel.

Our panel of experts debated:

  • The ship owners’ perspective – bridging the gap from fossil to fully renewable fuels with methanol. Will the use of low-emission methanol fuel reduce fuel consumption and help to meet strict emissions criteria?
  • The engine builders’ perspective – two engine manufactures discussed the benefit of methanal as fuel, together with service and performance results. But how soon will be the transition to methanol?
  • The fuel industry perspective – What is methanol, is it widely available and how clean is it? This session considered methanol production as a low carbon and net carbon neutral marine fuel and explore the benefits of using methanol as a marine fuel.

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This webinar was a free-to-attend event and attracted 68 professionals from around the world, generating 12 questions which were answered by the panel

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