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MONDAY 5 - FRIDAY 9 JULY 2021 | 12:00 - 15:00 GMT | COURSE FEE £1000 + VAT

CSI Bunkering is a comprehensive course spread over five days that equips bunker and shipping industry professionals with all the essential knowledge they need about the bunker market place. The course aims to provide students with a strong foundation in the structure and operation of the bunker market place, its relationship with the global oil markets and how the fuel oil bunkering industry is being shaped by international developments.


The course includes:

  • History and commercial evaluation of the bunker business 
  • Buyers, sellers and other parties – demystifying the bunker deal
  • Controlling costs in the bunker contract – and avoiding mistakes
  • Refining, fuel oil production and technical specifications
  • Significance of ISO and CIMAC specifications and standards on buyers and sellers
  • From refinery to the engine
  • Methods of delivery governed by ISO 13739 and SS600

The course is for:

  • Bunker suppliers, refiners, storage companies, traders and brokers
  • Shipowners and managers
  • Barge operators
  • Charterers
  • Regulators
  • Testing organisations
  • Port authorities
  • Port agents
  • Port safety personnel
  • Professional advisors – lawyers, insurers, mediators
  • Oil and gas company professionals

CSI Bunkering is essential learning for:

New entrants to the bunker business who are looking for an introduction to the bunker market and operations, and maritime professionals who need to enhance their knowledge of this niche market vital to their operations.

Key benefits of attending CSI Bunkering:                                                                    

Discover how the industry developed and how it came to be the way it is today | Learn about fuel oil production, refining and technical specifications | Understand bunkering operations shoreside to ship | Examine the sampling requirements and existing procedures for SS6600 and ISO 13739 | Analyse the evolution and impact of specifications outlined by ISO & CIMAC | Assess the international regulatory requirements: IMO, EU and North America.

For further information about our courses programme and fees please contact our Events Director Simon Gutteridge.